Are you ready for a New Vibrant and Embodied You?


Discover BodyAwake Yoga and Awaken the True You!

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Join Dr. Sue for a free 30-min. BodyAwake Yoga practice to embody, enliven, and stabilize your energetic system! Blending traditional yoga asanas (postures), breathwork and energy medicine practices, BodyAwake® Yoga anchors your consciousness in the core of your body to activate the energetic circuitry of your system.

This 30-min. practice is available to all levels and offers a truly transformative experience of embodiment by anchoring the consciousness in the core of the body through yoga asana (poses) and breath.

Experience a greater sense of self, radical sense of well-being, and the authentic joy that comes from grounding in the truth of who you are through BodyAwake® Yoga. Whether you are:

  • A seasoned yoga practitioner looking to take your practice deeper 
  • New to yoga and looking for a place to begin
  • A student of The Energy Codes and looking to further embody the energies and transformations of the life-changing practices and principles you’re learning…

It’s time to roll out your yoga mat and get ready to embody the True you!

Receive your FREE BodyAwake Yoga class and experience the life-changing benefits of this practice for yourself.

Dr. Sue Morter

International speaker, Master of Bio-Energetic Theory, and ERYT-200 and ERYT-500 certified Yoga Instruction, Dr. Sue utilizes the embodiment of high frequency energy patterns to activate full human potential. Through her life-changing BodyAwake® Yoga and Energy Codes coursework, she illuminates the relationships of quantum thoughts and energy; the elevation of human consciousness and life mastery.

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