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Do you want vibrant health, true fulfillment, and a fully-empowered life?

Are you ready to Activate Your Full Potential and Wake Up to a Greater Version of Yourself?

This is a time of tremendous change in the world. There is no better time to transform your life than right now!

With The Energy Codes® principles and practices taught during the 3-day Activate The Quantum Flip®: Accessing Higher Mind course, you can transform your life. Using this revolutionary and accessible seven-step guide — grounded in energy medicine, neurobiology, and quantum physics — as well as powerful exercises, breathwork and guided meditations, you will change your life and help awaken humanity's true health and potential through energy healing.

"For those ready and willing to build a new life, here are the tools."

"[Dr. Sue Morter] practicalizes and functionalizes the metaphysical insights and mystical wisdom of all the best spiritual literature of the past half-century...offers shockingly simple, yet wonderfully masterful, explanations that turn all the What’s True info into a single How To revelation that can change lives virtually overnight. Spiritual knowledge is one thing, spiritual tools are another. For those ready and willing to build a new life, here are the tools..."

Neale Donald Walsch

Best-selling author of the Conversations with God series.

"Dr. Sue Morter, one of the most exciting and original health practitioners out there..."

"Dr. Sue Morter, one of the most exciting and original health practitioners out there, takes a truly holistic view of health by focusing on the body’s dynamical and interconnected energy systems. Including the role of such things as the soul’s purpose and the power of certain key movements to radically shift energy.  Take a daily dose of the seven principles in The Energy Codes and enjoy a powerful prescription for living in radiant wellness and harmony."

Lynne McTaggart

Internationally bestselling author of The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Power of Eight

" will heal your mind, your body, and your reality."

"...Dr. Sue Morter bridges the realms of science, spirituality, and true personal transformation. Her years of research, investigation, and practice will change you and your life for good. When you apply these practical and effectively proven tools, you will heal your mind, your body, and your reality..."

Dr. Joe Dispenza

New York Times best-selling author of You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter

Also Celebrating Dr. Sue's Work Are:

Bruce Lipton

Ph.D., best-selling author of The Biology of Belief

James Redfield

Best-selling author of The Celestine Prophecy

Anita Moorjani

Best-selling author of Dying to Be Me


  • Waking up every single morning passionately living your purpose and knowing the universe is here in your full support
  • Your creativity coming alive as you discover a hidden source of energy and how to use it to experience anything you desire
  • Embodying vibrant health and living free of pain or dis-ease
  • Permanently freeing yourself from the stories that have held you back from stepping into the destiny of your dreams
  • Being a more confident and self-loving you… a you filled with inspiration, joy and excitement, manifesting your heart’s desires and living harmoniously in flow with all that life brings your way

All of this and more is possible for you with the proven Energy Codes practices and principles and embodiment exercises taught during Activate The Quantum Flip: Accessing Higher Mind

"Dr. Sue Morter will help guide you to living more fully and expressing your true potential."

The Energy Codes offers deep insights and powerful, practical techniques that brilliantly merge the ever-blending worlds of science and spirituality to help reveal the truth of our being and the depths of our greatness...Dr. Sue Morter will help guide you to living more fully and expressing your true potential.”

Jack Canfield

Coauthor of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series and The Success Principles™: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

"Dr. Sue has emerged as a true leader in the unfolding field of quantum medicine."

“I know this firsthand, because she helped me rebalance my own wounded brain so I could complete my recovery. After receiving sessions with Dr. Sue, I felt like I'd come home for the first time in the 17 years since the stroke...

I was motivated to recover from that devastating stroke because I pictured a world that was filled with beautiful, peaceful, compassionate, and loving people - people who knew that they had the power to choose, moment by moment, whom and how they wanted to be in the world. Dr. Sue is one of those people, and her life's mission has become helping others embody the same.

In my language, peace is just a thought away. By consciously choosing to run the circuitry of our whole brain, we have the power to experience deep inner peace. Within The Energy Codes, Dr. Sue presents techniques that will train you to do exactly that - and for this gift to humanity, I am forever grateful.”

Jill Bolte Taylor, Ph.D.

Best-selling author of My Stroke of Insight

Imagine experiencing shifts such as... 

Clarifying your Soul purpose and true source of fulfillment:

Once you discover your Soul purpose, synchronicities begin to appear!

Unleashing vital energy and vibrant health:

Live every day with abundant energy, radiant health and feeling incredibly alive.

Experiencing deep self-love knowing the Truth of who you are:

Rich and fulfilling relationships – starting with yourself – become your new normal.

Opening to receive limitless abundance from the Universe:

Discover a life of ease as opportunities, wealth and gifts flow to you.

Mastering your life experience:

Manage your energy to create your most desired life of your dreams.

The purpose of your life is NOT to struggle or play small.

The purpose of your life is to express who you truly are in a way that feels joyous and easy while at the same time, completely empowered.

When you are aligned with your true nature, you’ll discover  the tools you need to manifest your deepest desires begin to “magically” appear.

Isn’t it time to say good-bye to learning the hard way and endlessly repeating old habits and mistakes?

The easiest way to break free of those limiting patterns and liberate your brilliance is to find a road map and the tools to show you the way.

“...this weekend class can be life changing… I have more clarity and focus in my life after attending, as well as, being more grounded and connected to my soulful self.” ~ Zane M.“...

“After a lifetime of various physical and emotional ailments and spending many, many hours and years looking for alternative solutions that western conventional medicine does not address,  I am so grateful I have found energy medicine and Dr. Sue.  This experiential course put her book and words into explosive, amazing action!  It was exactly what I was hoping for!” ~ Lydia C.

Accelerate Your Awakening

For more than 30 years I’ve worked with patients, clients and students all around the world helping them heal their bodies, manage their energy and discover the joy of living as the True, Essential Self.

Teaching my Energy Codes coursework to tens of thousands of people all around the world, I’ve witnessed nearly all struggling with…

  • Feeling frustrated from not knowing their purpose in life
  • Being run by subconscious patterns keeping them from their dreams and desires
  • Suffering from self-judgment and lacking authentic self-love
  • Feeling lonely and longing for richer and more fulfilling relationships
  • Being held back by pain, illness and limited energy
  • Feeling trapped from past experience keeping them "stuck"

Then, 20 years ago, I experienced a remarkable and profound awakening.

I saw through these struggles and the pain they unnecessarily cause in our lives. I saw reality for the truth of what it was – that everything is love and that the truth of who we are IS that love or, what I call, the Soulful Self.

I knew that life lived as the Soulful Self was the only answer to experience a life as free, joyful, full of radiant health and vitality, completely fulfilled and free of all struggle and pain. I also knew that everyone was capable of this understanding and living this type of reality, without ever having to have that type of awakening experience I had.

I spent the next 10 years making my life into a living laboratory and codifying a system that enabled anyone wake up to the truth of who they are – the True, Soulful Self – and to experience that type of existence, a life where absolute freedom, complete fulfillment and abundant flow is lived in every moment.

By following this system, tens of thousands of people have experienced radical transformations in every area of their lives: health, relationships, abundance, life purpose and more.

Their energy, health, passion and excitement for life have increased exponentially.

It is truly awe-inspiring and a great honor to witness what students of The Energy Codes have opened to and created for themselves.

Now with everything that's going on in the world including a pandemic and intense social change, I know that massive healing needs to take place on the planet.

Creating The Energy Codes system, and witnessing the lives it changes, is the most deeply fulfilling work I have ever done.

And it’s a system I know can work for anyone.

A truly fulfilling life of freedom, abundance, vital health and flow is possible. It’s the life we’re meant to experience. We just need to be shown how.

Let me show YOU how you can live as the Soulful Self and master your life experience.

I teach my Energy Codes coursework to thousands of individuals who have transformed their lives for the better. 

I have witnessed instantaneous healings, life-changing shifts in consciousness, mended relationships, and the manifestation of clients' dreams and goals.

Through the combined use of BioEnergetics, Energy Medicine, BodyAwake Yoga and The Energy Codes, I have helped people awaken their natural healer WITHIN.

Pain, anxiety, distress and chronic illness have all melted away in the face of revealing the Soulful Self and the awareness that we are made of pure creative energy.

With the Activate The Quantum Flip: Accessing Higher Mind course, I share all The Energy Codes practices and principles and so much more…  for the benefit of all humanity to awaken to their miraculous nature within.

Let's Take This Journey Together!
With the Activate The Quantum Flip Course, you’ll Experience Growth, Transformation, and the Joy of Living as Your True, Soulful Self Alongside Other Like-Minded Students in Our Energy Codes Community

It’s Your Turn to Step Into Your Brilliance

"You are holding in your hands right now a powerful key to real transformation. Use it."

"Simply, Sue Morter is the real deal. Her authentic insights, integration and embodiment of Sacred truth is evident as you hear her teach and have the privilege of being one of her clients. In this book she masterfully integrates spirituality and science in a way that is life-changing. Sue pours her years of research and experience into this powerful literary contribution that will assist in your transformation like no other. You are holding in your hands right now a powerful key to real transformation. Use it."

Michael B. Beckwith

Founder of Agape International Spiritual Center and author of Spiritual Liberation and Life Visioning

"Your power and your presence are a force of healing on the planet."

Jean Houston, Ph.D.

Author of A Mythic Life and The Possible Human

Here's what you'll get in Activate the Quantum Flip: Accessing Higher MindCourse:

Three days of LIVE Online Interactive Livestream Sessions with Dr. Sue Morter

  • With the Active the Quantum Flip course, through proven practices and principles, breathwork and powerful embodiment exercises, Dr. Sue skillfully teaches you how to transform your life using a unique blend of quantum science, energy medicine and ancient spiritual principles and practices. Dr. Sue also helps to shed light on any limiting beliefs, thoughts and emotions that have unconsciously jaded your experience of full potential and creativity.
  • During the 3-day event, you will learn how to remove subconscious interference in your personal energy fields to move the flow of your life toward manifesting your most profound goals and visions. 
  • Learn to see the symbolism in your history, and experience alternative ways of viewing your “story.”  
  • Discover what energy medicine is and how to use it every day to dissolve conflict, stress and the need to ‘control’ life.

Streaming-Only Replays of Course Sessions

Access to streaming-only replays for six months, allowing you to review the course over and over.

Dr. Sue Morter’s Private Energy Codes Facebook Community

The Energy Codes Community is more than just a group of's a family. As part of the Activate the Quantum Flip Course, , you’ll be able to join our private Energy Codes Online Facebook Community  – a dynamic online support community where you can go 24/7 to celebrate your wins, ask your questions, support each other, offer ideas and inspiration.

Downloadable Workbook

You'll have a private online member area where you can easily access all of the course materials. 

Program Price  $1,995
Today's Special Price: $1,495 USD

Online Gives You a Front-Row Seat and Shortcuts to Transformation


Major transformations can begin right away. Most people notice feeling more peaceful, an increase in energy, and a deep sense of coming home to themselves for the first time ever – with the very first part of the course.


We have discovered how to make this a powerful online experience where more people can make amazing shifts at the same time from every corner of the planet. The online collective energy is so beautiful and vibrant.


Streaming access (for six months) to course video replays makes it easy to watch multiple times - you'll get a deeper understanding each time you listen!

Three Full Days of Transformation & Empowerment

From the very first day I will guide you in powerful practices for building energetic circuitry in your system to start tapping into the truth of who you are, allowing you to stay connected to the Soulful Self and not reattach to the mind.

During the Interactive Livestream course you will:

  • Find an abundant and vibrant source of energy within you that you never knew you had.
  • Turn your fears into a source of energy that feeds and fuels you
  • Begin fueling your passionate fire to discover your purpose and true being in this life
  • Start seeing obstacles as FOR you, not against you, as you reframe your entire reality and outlook on life
  • Open to the flow of abundance available to you as you begin manifesting your highest dreams and visions
  • Experience a complete paradigm shift in who you truly are and how you live

Most of all, you’ll wake up to your magnificence and realize the true super powers you possess within!

"'s me...managing my 'energy household'..."

"I was empty, exhausted and almost dead…Now I’m starting to understand that it’s me responsible for managing my ‘energy household’ and deciding to ‘give it away or not.’ Thank you for these insights!"



"..Mommy you look better!"

"I don't even know how to thank you for how you helped me. It was soul-changing and I'm so grateful. When I got back my 7yr old daughter took one look at me and squealed, "Mommy you look better!" It was amazing! You've not only affected me, but the positive effects will be carried over to at least another generation via my kids. You've given me some great tools to put into practice more fully the things I've read and learned. I pass some of these things along to my kids in small doses, but living them more fully myself will help them model also."




"I know that you are overwhelmed with e-mails at the moment but I just had to write a quick one to say that this work is SO SO SO SO SO SO COMPLETELY UNBELIEVABLY EXQUISITE

I am still pinching myself that I am lucky enough to have stumbled upon (manifested) these sacred teachings...It is my deepest intention to merge myself into this work and help expand it out into the world with as much grace, honour, reverence, simplicity and fun as I possibly can...

Thank you to everyone over there who have been so very helpful. I hope to get across to beautiful America one day (and do more programs) and maybe some of you can come and run programs at my little country resort in South Africa.

Thank you Thank you Thank you."


Energy Codes Certified Facilitator

"I am so excited to be part of this journey."

I am so excited to be part of this journey. My life has been changing in big ways already before I met Dr. Sue, but now the steps and the direction to take have been so much clearer and much more determined. It is wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing all your knowledge with me.


Energy Codes Certified Facilitator

Don’t wait for “someday” to live the life of your dreams.


Join the Activate The Quantum Flip: Accessing Higher Mind  Online Course Today.

Total Program Value $1,995

Today's Special Price: $1,495 USD


Frequently Asked Questions

I would love to talk with someone about my questions. With whom may I speak?

LIVE CHAT with our Energy Codes Transformation Team! (Just click the "Chat Now" icon on the lower right corner of this page.)  You may also reach out to us at or phone us at 855-872-8700.

What are the dates and times of the course?

The course is offered live June 17-19, 2022. Friday, June 17 - 11am-6pm, Saturday, June 18, - 11am-6pm, Sunday, June 19 - 11am-5pm ET. If you miss a portion of the weekend, the replays will be available for six months in your member Area

How do I know this program will work for me?

 Dr. Sue has worked with a wide variety of people - and if they can do it, you can too! All you need to do is fire up your commitment and “show up” for this program. 

Join the Activate The Quantum Flip: Accessing Higher Mind Online Course.

LIVE CHAT with our Activate The Quantum Flip Transformation Team! 
(Just click the "Chat Now" icon on the lower right corner of this page.)
E-mail our Energy Codes team at or call (855) 872-8700.

Disclaimer: Dr. Sue Morter presents the entire content of the Activate the Quantum Flip program for educational purposes only. The information provided is not intended to diagnose medical or psychological conditions nor to claim to prescribe, prevent, treat, mitigate or cure such conditions. The information contained in the program is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a doctor or mental health professional.

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