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Welcome to the highly-anticipated online launch of "Healing, Wholeness, and The Quantum Flip: The Energy Codes Level I - Live Online Course". I am so grateful to be getting this work into the hands of people who need it and I truly appreciate your support!

Here’s how this course can help your audience:

The Energy Codes® are a set of principles and practices you can use in your daily experience to tap into your authentic self and realize deeper states of awareness.

You’ll learn to overcome fear and navigate challenging emotions. You’ll feel more deeply connected to the people around you, as you naturally begin to exude a loving presence, while operating from your deep, Essential Self.

You’ll begin to master your experience of life. You’ll awaken to your true life purpose.


The promotion dates when you will send out your emails to your audience are September 29 – October 17, 2019. The cart will be open throughout the launch.

We recommend you schedule your mailings as early as possible since our system tracks first cookie.

We have created a free gift combo of an e-book, along with a free webinar plus live Q&A.

We will offer several date and time options for the multiple free live webinars so your people have every opportunity to watch live and/or watch the replay. And I will invite them to work further with me at the end of each webinar.


The program is called "Healing, Wholeness, and The Quantum Flip: The Energy Codes Level I - Live Online Course".


The program sells for $495 and we are offering 40% commissions – that’s $198 for The Energy Codes Level I Online registration purchased by your leads!

Plus, we will be offering participants the opportunity to sign up for The Energy Codes® Level II: The Embodiment Codes – Animating Your Subtle Anatomy after they have completed Level I and if they sign up for Level II, you’ll earn an additional $200 per registration!

We will offer a payment plan and a money-back guarantee. Participants can attend the first three hours of the training on October 19th and if they decide the course is not for them, they just have to let us know they want a refund during the break.

We are also offering prizes and we're happy to share those details with you very soon!

Sign up now, and we’ll be in touch in September with all the swipe and graphics you need. Mark your calendar for the promotion window of September 29-October 17, 2019! 


If you have any questions, please reach out to our Rock Star JV & Affiliate Manager, Tammy Lawman at We look forward to partnering with you!

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