Awaken to the Truth of The Holy Days

This season, experience the sound of the holidays like never before...

With a complimentary tract from:
The Holy Days,

a stunning combination of transformational music and soulful meditation delivering the true message of Christmas… that of awakening.

Our Gift to You….

“O Come Emmanuel”

The Holy Days is a collection of traditional holiday songs and crystal alchemy singing bowls nested within enlightenment and embodiment meditations.

Conceived to be played as one long meditation, the 13 Christmas songs span the complete keys of the chakra system and are connected by the incredible sounds of the alchemy crystal bowls. Both deeply grounding and heart opening, the collection of songs deliver the true vibrational message of the traditional Christmas carols with a special Pineal Gland activation embedded in the music.

Embark on this extraordinary journey of music and sound vibration and share the beautiful sounds of these traditional Christmas carols with your friends and family - or as a way to connect with your own soul during these Holy Days!

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