By Dr. Sue Morter

In this moment, an energy of CHANGE is rising on our planet. We are being called to look at ourselves and the world at large, and ask not only which overt sentiments and societal structures or institutions need to change, but also to look clearly at our own lives and ask:

What is it that’s driving me in a habitual, unconscious kind of way?

Our habits are patterns of energy that run through our system and affect our lives, whether we are aware of them or not. In looking at our lives, we all have certain habits we would like to actively or consciously change. We can also see the outcome of existing habits that have subconsciously collected over time.

We recognize both these manifestations of habits in our lives. Sometimes they’re easy to change… and sometimes not.

Before we can change existing habits and create new ones, there’s an important distinction and realization that needs to be made. Beneath all habits or thought-patterns exists one that affects every other habit we’ve established in our life…

As human beings, we have habitually identified ourselves as the Mind.

We are not the mind; we are a soulful presence with a body and mind that has come to have a life experience to contribute to the evolution of consciousness.

Realizing you are the Soulful Self, rather than the Mind, allows you to change the habits of the mind, much easier than if you were attached to (and identified as) the mind.

Our habits are our ways of surviving that we’ve established while perceiving life through the lens of the mind only. We have to elevate our level of consciousness and realize, “I am not my mind.”

In The Energy Codes coursework we learn how to identify as the Soulful Self by changing the flow of energy in our body, which then, in effect, changes our thoughts, our habits, and our lives.

The reason for doing this is so we can feel the energy flow in the core of our body. As we do, we have a sense of Self that comes from a true sense of safety and well-being, rather than our original ways of doing things based in survival, fear, and protection that comes when we’re attached to the mind only.

When our energy is rooted in our core and flowing through our system consciously, intentionally, and robustly, it allows us to be more present. It is in these present, lucid moments, we can choose to operate differently than we historically would have chosen.

This then allows us to establish new ways of being, new relationships, new ideas, new projects in our lives – and most importantly, new outcomes.

If you are interested in changing your habits, whatever they may be, I invite you to join The Energy Codes coursework. The Energy Codes teaches how to transcend old karmic patterns, in our life and the greater world around us. It is our task to transcend them, transmute them, and turn them into a new pattern, one that we consciously choose based in love – for yourself, and the entire world.

To learn more about habits, I invite you to also watch THIS VIDEO.


By Dr. Sue Morter

When the shelter-in-place and quarantine mandates were implemented due to the COVID pandemic, I began offering Free BodyAwake Yoga sessions online to help people stabilize and ground the energies present during this uncertain and challenging time.

Recently this past week, as turbulent energies and upheaval are spreading across the United States, I’m even more dedicated to offering this sacred practice at a time when it’s needed more than ever.

In yoga, one often hears the phrase “Namaste” spoken at the beginning or end of each class. Namaste is a traditional Indian greeting, meaning, “The Divine Light in me recognizes and honors the Divine Light in you.” The term literally translates to “I bow to you.”

In this moment in time, I encourage the phrase “Namaste” to become an unspoken mantra in each of our hearts. Because I do see the Divine Light in You – in everyone and in everything taking place right now.

We can all see the Divine in Humanity… if we allow ourselves to.

The COVID pandemic of the past few months has brought a stillness that is calling us home to ourselves. In this same moment, there is also a stillness that is rising from within. In its wake, an uprising of everything unlike itself becomes obvious.

What we are seeing and experiencing right now in this moment of upset and upheaval, is humanity searching for this stillness rising.

As it does, now is the time to focus our collective intention and conversation on another yogic term, Ahimsa, or “non-violence.” For what is underneath violence is love, peace, understanding, fortitude and much more.

It’s the humble warrior. The one who brings love no matter what.

We must not succumb to the “movie” being projected outside of us, but instead realize that when the movie is reflecting pain, there’s a good reason for it.

And that pain must be met with LOVE. It cannot be met with more pain.

This, is the greatest task before us…

Given free will, what do we choose? What do we choose when we see unjust things happening? When we witness suppression and non-love?

Do we choose acting in a non-loving way in order to eradicate the non-loving actions of others? Doing that changes nothing.

To heal the lack of loving actions in this world, we must assert love, compassion, understanding and listening – and take actions in peaceful ways.

In the United States right now there is a great upheaval, because there has been a tremendous amount of injustice for too many years.

Those who have been suppressed are rising with all they know to do – with anger, fear, frustration. We want to invite everyone to RISE, and use that energy for passion, cultivate it and draw it upward – to reclaim it and use it as fuel for the fire of the highest good.

The heart is a blazing bonfire and we are here to throw everything we can onto it, so that the fire of Love blazes bigger. As that fire blazes bigger, it becomes a transmuting presence on the planet and we become leaders instead of frustrated and angry.

When we feel afraid, angry, or frustrated because we can’t control our environment the way we want to – it’s our moment to claim it back to our core and just come home to ourselves, being compassion and love. When we do, we provide a vibrational frequency out into the world that allows the world to sense and feel some kind of nurturing in the midst of the pain.

As we come together, we can create a transmuting quality that allows EQUALITY. That allows our mind and our heart to be of equal value, which allows the Soulful Self and the outer world to have a collaborative relationship of equanimity.

When this happens, the outer world does not roll us over and suppress us, and we do not try to push our way into it. Instead we transmute everything we encounter, both within ourselves and in the world around us.

This is our great task – one of coming home to ourselves and cultivating love. This is how we create peace within ourselves, and offer it to the world.


By Dr. Sue Morter

We are living in the most interesting times of our culture and despite what someone may deem “good” or “bad,” I assure you it is all perfect for our evolution.

Any of the transformations and transitions, or even the frustrations and “friction” experienced in the past year were all part of the cosmic plan. Now, in 2019, there is a new and different energetic promise unfolding for each of us.

Numerically, 2019 represents wholeness, creativity, sacred space and the holy trinity. It is in these combined energies that we find harmony within ourselves and with others, and discover a new version of love.

It is the year of “3” which ushers in the energies of new identity-transformation. We begin to embrace the awareness of our true capacity as soulful beings and our true power as creators of our life.

It is at this time we experience sacred space between three points and we birth a new world-view, one of absolute love.

As 2019 unfolds for you, I wish you many blessings in your journey of embodiment, joy and even the friction you may experience as you embrace your true creatorship as you give birth to your greatest life experience.

Remember, it is all working in your favor and this year, as in ever year, it is all unfolding as part of the cosmic plan. Your soul’s plan.

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