BodyAwake Yoga Intensive – Dr. Sue Morter

Deepen Your Yoga Practice And Awaken To A New You 

Through this deep study of the practice of
BodyAwake Yoga, you will

  • Understand the sacred geometry of each yoga asana (posture) allowing optimal energy flow through your system
  • Activate pathways of energetic circuitry using conscious breathwork and intention (what yoga is truly about)
  • Feel the increased flow of energy (Prana) running through your body resulting in robust health and vitality
  • Learn to anchor your consciousness in the core for true embodiment and a greater sense of self
  • Elevate to higher levels or states of consciousness through asana, breathwork, and meditation

Experience the life-changing and transformative power of BodyAwake Yoga...

It’s time to come home to yourself.  It’s time to embody with BodyAwake Yoga.

The deeper the understanding of what’s taking place ON the mat,
the more elevated your life becomes OFF the mat.

Whether you’re new to yoga and looking to start your practice off with proper alignment and a comprehensive understanding of each asana so you get the most out of your practice…

Or you’ve been practicing yoga or BodyAwake Yoga for a while, and are ready to go deeper with your practice…

This is for you.

The BodyAwake Yoga Intensive Online Course breaks down the proper alignment, energetic flow, and breathwork pattern, allowing you to enhance your time on the mat and deepening your journey of embodiment, creating the necessary pathways to reveal the true, authentic Self within.

Are you a Certified Yoga Teacher who wants to dive deeper into the essence of embodiment and conscious evolution - for yourself AND your students?

The BodyAwake Yoga Intensive Online Course provides a break-down of each BodyAwake Yoga asana, offering a deeper understanding of the sacred geometry and proper alignment, location and focus of conscious energy and intention, as well as optimal breathwork patterns for each asana.

You’ll also receive a breakdown of vibrational toning, allowing you to further incorporate this technique into your practice for the purpose of elevating your energy and enhancing the embodiment of high-vibrational frequencies cultivated during your time on the mat.

The live “Asana Practice” sessions allow for proper alignment and complete understanding of each and every asana, while live quarterly Q&A sessions with Dr. Sue provide opportunities to further enhance your knowledge and clarify all aspects of your personal practice.  

Experience the life-changing and transformative power of BodyAwake Yoga…

The BodyAwake Yoga Intensive Online Course Offers:

  • Lifetime access to all online learning modules 
  • Philosophical teachings blending quantum science and traditional yogic texts
  • Study of the subtle body and energetic system relating to yoga asanas (postures)
  • Deep dive into the alignment, breathwork, and conscious focus for each asana of the foundational BodyAwake Embodiment Flow sequence
  • Exploration of vibrational toning and sacred chants
  • Meditation and reflections for activating higher consciousness and embodiment
  • Corrections, modifications, and teaching cues for those pursuing their Yoga Teacher Certification
  • Downloadable digital workbook
  • Quarterly calls with Dr. Sue offering further teachings and opportunities for live Q&A
  • Two live “Asana Practice” calls with BodyAwake Yoga Certified Teachers and Faculty to ensure proper alignment and understanding of all asanas and teachings
  • And so much more...

Who Is Dr. Sue Morter?

Dr. Sue is the USA Today bestselling, #1 bestselling LA Times and #1 Amazon bestselling author of THE ENERGY CODES: The 7-Step System to Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body and Live Your Best Life. Through THE ENERGY CODES, Dr. Sue provides techniques to activate untapped energy and neurocircuitry in the body, empower hidden potential, and become one’s true, essential self.

She is the founder and creator of the globally-taught coursework, The Energy Codes®, a multi-level body of work on Personal and Spiritual Development. Dr. Sue also created the BodyAwake® RYT 200 Certified Yoga Program and is co-creator of the Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.). She has served on professional licensing boards, providing guidance to health care practitioners on integrative approaches to healthcare leadership. Dr. Sue is also adjunct faculty at two medical schools at Michigan State University, an AAU school classified as one of the top 100 universities in the world. Dr. Sue is the host of Gaia TV’s Healing Matrix, and co-host of Your Year of Miracles lifestyle training. Dr. Sue is E-RYT 200 and E-RYT 500 certified in Yoga Instruction, and was recently recognized for her outstanding achievements as an honored member of the Transformational Leadership Council.

"I’ve taught yoga and conscious embodiment on and off for years, but BodyAwake is something else entirely. It is a never-ending journey of discovery that has no limits to the depths that it can reveal."

– Victoria More

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