Conscious Success Mentorship - Dr. Sue Morter

Starts March 21, 2022

Are you longing to overcome blocks that have been holding you back so that you finally take your life to the next level?

Are you looking for the dedicated support and guidance from Dr. Sue to fully embody the Soulful Self and experience true and lasting success in all areas of your life?

Do you want expert guidance to help you stay accountable to the soulful calling you have within?

Are you looking for a positive and supportive community?

Join Dr. Sue for her premier mentorship program, Conscious Success Mentorship: Activating Success in Love, Life, Passion, and Purpose.

Conscious Success Mentorship is a dive deep into the hidden truth of success: That you are the creator of your life experience and THE ENERGY OF SUCCESS IS ALREADY WITHIN YOU! You simply need to awaken - and embody - it!

In the Conscious Success Mentorship program, you’ll join Dr. Sue LIVE each month for a year-long journey together. You’ll discover the power of grounding in the Soulful Self so that you know what success feels like for you.

There is a roadmap to success, but it’s probably not what you’ve been led to believe. Dr. Sue takes you by the hand to redefine, awaken, and embody the energy of true success.

With Conscious Success Mentorship, you’ll discover how to allow success in your life, no matter now long you’ve felt stuck.

With Conscious Success Mentorship, you’ll discover how to awaken and embody:

  • True and Lasting Abundance
  • A Sense of Fulfillment in Your Career and Contribution to this World 
  • Happiness in Relationships with your Partner, Family, Community, and Humanity
  • Your Unique Path and Life Purpose
  • A Deeper Spiritual Connection Within
  • Your Unique Reflection of the Soulful Self in Your Life
  • Vibrant Health, Wellness, and Vitality
  • A Felt Sense of Belonging and Rootedness
  • Your Unique Signature Energy Vibration
  • Keys to Manifesting the Life You Most Desire
  • And more!

Boldly Redefine Your Relationship to Success!

You don’t have to wait for the world to reflect success to you to begin experiencing success in all areas of your life! As you redefine Your Relationship to Success, you realize that you are the abundant flow you’ve been seeking!

Join Us: Dive into Conscious Success Mentorship: Redefining Your Relationship with Success for Radical Change and discover how to merge with the energy of success, learning to identify and live “as success” rather than constantly chasing it.

In the world of duality, everything exists within relationship - including your relationship with success. In Conscious Success Mentorship: Redefining Your Relationship with Success for Radical Change, discover how to meld your relationship to success into one where you’re living as success, and awaken to the experience of unity, a sense of wholeness and flow in all areas of your life!

Everything in creation exists in RELATIONSHIP.

Dr. Sue Morter

When you shift your perspective from having a relationship with success to beginning to live as the embodiment of success, everything in your life radically changes. Relationships are no longer something you ‘deal with,’ abundance no longer is something you seek, success is not something you have to achieve. When you live as the embodiment of success, you shift into a completely new reality experiencing flow, abundance, vitality, and true joy that comes from life on the Frontside of the Model.

In this year-long Conscious Success Mentorship, Redefine Your Relationship with Success for Radical Change in Your Life and Our World.

  • Know and Embody What You are Doing Here and How It Relates to Success
  • Embrace the Emotions of Success so that You Experience more Heart-Centered and Fulfilled Relationships
  • Train the Mind to Serve the Soul so that All Your Decisions Open a Flow of Abundance
  • Realize All of Life’s Circumstances Support Your Abundance and Conscious Evolution
  • Enliven Your Ability to Manifest the Joyful Life You Desire
  • Understand How to Harness Your Multidimensionality – Your True Power – in Business and Life
  • Awaken Your Ability to Successfully Lead From the Heart
  • Embody Your Life Purpose with Clarity so that You Thrive
  • Integrate and Celebrate Your Magnificence and Creatorship to Live as Success
  • Allow Success to Flow in Your Life as You Embrace Your Divine Destiny
  • Amplify, Integrate, and Celebrate Your “Gifts” and allow them to guide Business Decisions and Relationships
  • Embrace Your Humanity to Experience Your Divinity as the One Who Engages in this World
  • Conscious Relationship to Your Unique Creatorship: Claiming and Creating the Life you Desire with Clarity, Purpose, and Following Flow…

Conscious Success Mentorship Includes:

  • Monthly interactive livestream video calls (90 minutes each) Mondays from 8:00-9:30 pm Eastern time*
  • Energetic and personal support from Dr. Sue
  • Live Q&A
  • “One-on-One Hot Seat” mentoring with Dr. Sue to turn “issues” with success into “non-issues” 
  • Streaming access to session replays for six months (until August 20, 2023)
  • Monthly soulful assignments, challenges and experiences
  • Breakout time to support you to ground, integrate, and manifest success 

*2022 Dates:
Mondays: March 21 • April 18 • May 16 • August 15 • September 19 • October 17 • November 21 • December 19 
Thursdays: June 23 • July 14  

2023 Dates:

Mondays: January 16, Febrary 20


Listen to what students say:

"This is the most beautiful and profound work! Literally life-changing."

"This is the most beautiful and profound work! Literally life-changing. And I don't mean that the way that term had been used by many of us including me. I mean MY ENTIRE LIFE and LIFE STREAM is being reworked internally--spiritually, energetically, emotionally, mentally and physically. My ENTIRE PHYSICAL ORIENTATION, the way I BE in the world is restructuring itself. And there is more to go, just getting started. So....THANK YOU Dr Sue Morter..."

C.R., student

" you shift things you've lived with forever!"

"Dr. Sue is truly a master - and if you're ready to create some big shifts in your life, she has created incredibly powerful coursework that can help you shift things you've lived with forever! It may be the most incredible journey you will ever take :)! My life is so rich, so joyful, so healthy and so easy since I've learned to embrace and integrate these incredible lessons. I'm forever grateful for the gifts she shares so graciously with the world! Jump in and enjoy the ride :). Great love to you Dr. Sue!!"

S.F., student

Join Us Now!

Conscious Success Mentorship • A 12 Month Program

Starts March 2022

$1295 USD

Three payment option available. 

About Dr. Sue Morter

International speaker, Master of Bioenergetic Medicine, and national best-selling author, Dr. Sue redirects the flow of energy patterns in the body to activate full human potential. With more than 30 years of experience as a doctor and facilitator of groups and individuals interested in natural healing and a better life, Dr. Sue shares her developments and unique perspective drawn from a life-changing awakening during ancient meditation practices. Through her seminars, retreats, presentations, and best-selling book, The Energy Codes: A 7-Step System to Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body and Live Your Best Life, Dr. Sue illuminates the relationship of quantum science and energy medicine, as well as the elevation of human consciousness and life mastery. Her globally taught Energy Codes® coursework teaches individuals how to clear subconscious memory blockages and how to master the energetics of their lives.

She is the co-creator of the Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.) and founder of the Morter Institute for Bioenergetics, an organization committed to teaching individuals self-healing techniques and a new approach to life based on Quantum Science. With three distinct schools within Morter Institute, representing the unification and embodiment of mind, body and spirit, the School of Energy Medicine, School of BodyAwake® Yoga, and School for Higher Consciousness and Personal Development provide tools and avenues to empower and facilitate the global community to discover and embody a joyful and inspired life lived from the true, Soulful Self. Dr. Sue is also the co-leader of the Your Year of Miracles program, host of Healing Matrix on Gaia TV, and author of the national best-selling book, The Energy Codes: The 7-Step System to Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body, and Live Your Best Life.

Photos of Dr. Sue Morter © Tanya Arianne Malott

Marci Shimoff

NY Times Bestselling Author

"Dr. Sue’s presence is electric, and her message is guaranteed to touch and transform any audience."

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