Bonus Material (1–12) - Dr. Sue Morter

Bonus Material (1–12)

Bonus BodyAwake® Yoga Classes

Click here to access 10 BodyAwake Yoga Classes to support your BodyAwake Yoga practice and study. PLEASE NOTE: The completion of the classes and assessment questions are required for those students on Path 2 who require hours for RYT 200 certification. 

The classes and questions are optional, for individuals in Personal Growth, and Paths 1 and 3 of the Certification Program – however you are all encouraged to further your BodyAwake Yoga knowledge and embodiment!

Workshop—Introduction to BodyAwake® Yoga

Level 1: Session 33 from June 17, 2020 (1 hr 41 min)

WORKSHOP—Building Circuits for Stabilizing Flow

Level 3: Session 18 from May 13, 2020 (1 hr 40 min)

Session includes: Conditioning & Strength – Crouching tiger, Downward dog – Knee to nose/elbows, Low lunge and raising arms, Forward fold and Halfway up, Crescent poses, Cat/Cow, Standing splits – raise/lower leg, Yogi squat, Chair-Lifting Leg, Crown on Mat – Prep for Headstand, Prep for Side Balancing, Boat, Yogic bicycle – CCB, Warrior series, Plank, Yogic push ups, Forward fold – hands clasped/raised behind, On back/feet raised – Lift pelvis up/down, On back – hip openers, Plough to shoulder stand, Rolling spine up/down, Crescent to revolved side angle, Seated wide legs and arms – move side to side, Crossed legs – nosedive and up, Seated spinal twists

WORKSHOP—Practicing with a Chair

Level 1: Session 13 from April 28, 2020 (2 hrs 12 min)

Session includes: Chair version of poses – Spinal twists, Cat/Cow, Side stretches, Cobra, Crouching tiger, Downward dog, Upward dog, Extended leg stretch, Warrior 1/2/exalted, Breath of fire, Tree pose, Half moon, Yogi squat, Triangle, Forward fold, Pigeon, Fern frond, How to transition with strength and flow

WORKSHOP—for the Beginning Yogi

Level 1: Session 22 from May 27, 2020 (1 hr 48 min)

Elevator Shaft Meditation

Ganapati Om Chant

Listen to Ganapati Om from Kashi Ashram Songs of the River CD

Sacred Sounds: Chrystal Alchemy Singing Bowls with Dr. Sue and Jeralyn Glass

Mudras of Ancient Greece

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