Energy Codes Certified Coaching Certification 2023

Become An Energy Codes Certified Coach...

And Help Others Activate Their Full Potential

(While Creating A Thriving Business)

Together let's change lives and help heal the world!

By learning and sharing The Energy Codes principles and practices, you can transform your life, as well as the lives of others.

This coaching certification program will guide you through our proven system for using this revolutionary and accessible seven-step guide — grounded in energy medicine, neurobiology, and quantum physics — to make a massive impact in the world and awaken true health and potential through energy healing.

Join us in this ONLINE Energy Codes Coaching Certification program and begin changing lives - including your own- with The Energy Codes.

Coaching Certification cost if accepted into the program is $2,695

Payment Options Available

Being mentored to coach others using The Energy Codes® is for you if:

  • You feel deeply aligned with the message of authenticity, empowered healing, and living your full potential and you’re inspired to learn how to coach others about it.
  • You want to coach others to change their lives using energy medicine practices and principles AND more deeply understand them for yourself.
  • You want to earn more while doing work you love.
  • You feel uninspired in your current job and you dream of finding something else to do about which you feel intensely passionate.
  • You naturally bring out the best in people and love guiding them in realizing their greatest self.
  • You’ve already experienced success in your life, but you still feel discontent - like something’s still missing…
  • You have a thriving coaching practice (or want to become a coach) and are looking for a powerful tool to instantly transform your clients' health and well-being.

If you relate to any of the above, you’re in exactly the right place to take a quantum leap in your life using a proven system to generate a vital, healthier life for yourself and your coaching clients.

Join me for step-by-step guidance through everything you need to work with others using The Energy Codes 4-Step Coaching Model, even if you have no coaching experience.

Here's what you'll get during 

The Energy Codes® Coaching Certification program: 

All of the content you need to help others through the Energy Codes 4-Step Coaching Model - taught LIVE through training sessions and Group Practice Sessions. 

Advanced coaching training. Learn how to listen to your client's desires and how to use the Energy Codes 4-Step Coaching Model to support your client in reaching their goals.

Comprehensive electronic training materials, videos and images. You’ll receive step-by-step guides, powerful images, and easy-to-use handouts to set you up to begin practice sessions with practice clients immediately.

Downloadable Energy Codes resources including worksheets, audio meditations, and additional inspirational resources easily available in your online member area.

The license to use The Energy Codes 4-Step Coaching Model so you can start coaching with confidence and credibility.* Energy Codes Certified Coaches will have an opportunity to be listed on the Facilitator/Practitioner Directory** on

* Requires signed Energy Codes Certified Coach Agreement.
** Directory listing requires that Morter Institute be added as additional insured on your $1M business liability insurance.

One year of ongoing email support from our team, and you’ll have access to community support through the Dr. Sue Morter Energy Codes Community on Facebook.

The Energy Codes Coaching Certification program will give you everything you need to get started and reach your goals quickly.

In working with your first clients, you’ll be able to make back your investment!

Coaching Certification cost if accepted into the program is $2,695

Payment Options Available

The Time Is Now...

The purpose of your life is NOT to struggle or play small.

The purpose of your life is to express who you truly are in a way that feels joyous and easy while at the same time, completely empowered.

And when you are aligned with your true nature you’ll discover that the tools you need to manifest your deepest desires begin to “magically” appear as you step into your true purpose serving a greater good for all.

Isn’t it time to say good-bye to holding back and learning the hard way and endlessly repeating old habits and mistakes?

Isn't it time to step fully into your power to create a meaningful and purposeful life for yourself and help others to do the same?

The easiest way to break free of those limiting lifelong patterns and liberate your brilliance is to find a road map to show you the way.

That’s EXACTLY what The Energy Codes Coaching Certification program is!

I have spent 20+ years practicing, perfecting and teaching this system to help others create a life they love while bringing powerful healing energy to the world and making an impact.

And NOW it’s your turn!

Meet Your New Mentors

Dr. Sue Morter

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Suzanne Lawlor

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The Energy Codes Coaching Certification will significantly shortcut your path to success:

Shortcut #1

You get my done-for-you resources (coaching concepts, client agreements, handouts, videos, links and more) so you can quickly get started - no time spent creating content from scratch!

Shortcut #2

You get trained personally by us in the proven Energy Codes 4-Step Coaching Model and, once certified*, also get the license to use the content. 

* See Certification Requirements in FAQs below

Shortcut #3

You get the practice you need in required online "pod" sessions with other participants and an Energy Codes Certified Coach who provides feedback and assesses your understanding of the materials - you 'll KNOW that you KNOW. You can coach with confidence even if you're just starting out.

Our certified graduates will successfully use the Energy Codes 4-Step Coaching Model and resource materials to build a business that they absolutely love!

Here's what students say about The Energy Codes Coaching Certification program:

"This coaching program is nothing short of brilliant."

"This coaching program is nothing short of brilliant. Between Dr. Sue’s masterful, inspiring guidance, the rubber meets the road (practical and step-by-step) guidance of Suzanne Lawlor, as well as the wonderfully comprehensive manual, students have all that they need to represent and share these life-changing principles and practices with clients from all walks of life. The utter magic of this training is in being thoroughly prepared to experience the profound grace of sharing this work from the perspective of your Soulful Self in action!"

Victoria More

"I so LOVE THE power and magic of this work..."

"I just got off from my coaching call with a friend... I watched alchemy happen on our call today in less than an hour. Because I had the language from the Energy Codes Coaching [course], I had new skills to quickly shift from story to energy, from object to subject and from personality to soulful awakened self. She was glowing and so appreciative as she said she could guide others, but she had never so deeply integrated being there for herself and being witnessed as her soul. It was so magical. I so LOVE THE power and magic of this work...Thank  you for all the time you took to create this absolutely life-changing program. I am living in my energetic signature as my Soulful Self more now than ever before."

Ellen Gordon

"Oh my – this is so FOR ME!"

"I have to say, that this course far exceeded any expectations I might have held... It has definitely opened a deeper awareness of my own patterns, plus areas I have plenty of room to 'rise' in and areas of strength... I am forever grateful. I’ve learned so much through this process – it’s been truly priceless. I’ve had countless 'insider' giggles through the process and many moments of – 'Oh my – this is so FOR ME!'”

Sara Foszcz

Don't wait for "someday" to live the life of your dreams. 

The Time Is NOW!

Join the Energy Codes Online Training Program Today.

First Session Begins October 30, 2023.

Coaching Certification cost if accepted into the program is $2,695

Payment Options Available

If you have any questions, please reach out to our team: [email protected]

Curious what other The Energy Codes trainers have to say about incorporating The Energy Codes into their lives and businesses?

"...attendees have...had incredible experiences...."

"...I've finished my first 9 session class that I combined with restorative yoga this week. All three attendees that came to every session have claimed to have had incredible experiences. One woman with chronic pain for over ten years says she is pain free and her heart chakra has opened up. Another is feeling and seeing energy. The third said that I've changed her life forever. ...I am so excited to be sharing the work.

Today I led a free workshop in my community...One man had somehow stumbled across the book and the day after he finished, he saw my event on meetup. He was psyched!"

Leda Csanka, The Energy Codes® Certified Master Trainer

"...more than I could have imagined or hoped for..."

"I do want to express my joy and gratitude for the work and for the Book! What people are sharing with me about the changes in their lives since they joined the book study is so much more than I could ever have imagined or ever hoped for! Some of them are coming for treatments now and I am humbled by what is happening! One woman who hasn't been to see me for over a year, came back, bought the book and started reading it and is coming back for more treatments, and is finding her passion! Another is healing endometriosis, which is my experience as well! Another woman realized she didn't need to end her life! One woman felt love for the first time with the Heart code practices! Another released life long sadness and another has no more back pain after starting the Morter March! I can go on and on!"

Pauline Friesen,  The Energy Codes® Certified Master Trainer

"Her work is revolutionary to me, both professionally and personally."

"I have been a practicing massage therapist and bodyworker for over twenty-five years.
Throughout my career, I have attended numerous trainings and workshops to learn about, and then teach embodiment to my clients. With all of that experience, I thought I understood embodiment. Only when I started to train with Dr. Sue, did I fully understand and FEEL the true meaning of taking it to the body. My massage and Energy Code clients have also benefited from learning the tools of Dr. Sue's breathwork.  After three years of studying with her, my perception of the world is much more holistic and beautiful. Her work is revolutionary to me, both professionally and personally."

Kathleen Bratcher, LMT and The Energy Codes® Certified Master Trainer

Coaching Certification cost if accepted into the program is $2,695

Payment Options Available

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • I would love to talk with someone about my questions. With whom can I speak? Please reach out to us at [email protected]. We're delighted to answer your questions by email or phone.
  • What are the Certification Requirements? Attend the course modules live or watch the replays. Live attendance for the Pod Group Practice Sessions (10-11pm Eastern) that follow the course modules is required (we will have a practice session that meets on Saturdays for Europe/Africa students only). Must complete the check-off assessments with the pod leader. Must complete all course assignments, including both an audio (or video) recording in which you explain several Energy Codes concepts that you will learn and a video recording of a coaching session with a practice client. Must submit required case studies conducted with practice clients prior to certification. Course assignments, case studies and check-offs must be completed by August 31,2024. Must sign the Energy Codes Certified Coach Agreement which outlines the appropriate use of the content and trademarks, along with possible future continuing education requirements and liability insurance requirements that must be met to be listed on the Practitioner Directory on Financial account must be in good standing.
  • What’s included in the program? Multi-module online training with required live group practice sessions with an Energy Codes Certified Coach October 30, 2023 through February 3, 2024; streaming replays of teaching sessions available through August 31, 2024; downloadable Energy Codes Coaching Certification manual; access to member area resources; upon meeting certification requirements, you receive additional coaching resources and are licensed to use The Energy Codes program.
  • Do I receive personal mentoring with Dr. Sue? Dr. Sue is conducting the multi-module online training, with plenty of time for group Q&A. 
  • How do I know this program will work for me? We will provide you with everything you need to successfully coach others using the Energy Codes 4-Step Model. Dr. Sue has worked with a wide variety of people - from seasoned coaches to complete beginners with absolutely no experience. And if they can do it, you can too! All you need to do is fire up your commitment and “show up” for this program. If you do the work, you’ll be ready to work with your clients right away as soon as you are certified. (And if you prefer to work at a slower pace, you’re welcome to work at the speed that feels right for you, although you must attend the group practice pod sessions and complete the course requirements by the final due date of August 31, 2024.)
  • Can I use the title The Energy Codes when I market my coaching? Yes! Dr. Sue is sharing her brand and book title The Energy Codes with Certified Coaches. This means that you can use it in your marketing, title and bios. Once you've signed the Certified Coach Agreement, we'll provide a logo that you can add to your materials. You cannot use The Energy Codes®, BodyAwake®, The Quantum Flip®, JourneyAwake®, Energy Man® or Energy Man drawing as your business name or domain name. 
  • Can I adapt the training materials or tailor them to my use? The materials can be inserted into another program or used to enhance your current expertise and will be presented in a format that is also stand alone. Just please always include credit to Dr. Sue Morter and/or Morter Institute. We'll help you with all of that!

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