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Energy Codes Video Bundle
$248.00 (SAVE $50)

Get Started with Dr. Sue's Energy Codes Coursework! 

The Energy Codes of Manifesting AND 

The Energy Codes Level I

Video Digital Download

(Previously Only Available as Live Events)

Experience 15+ hours of Dr. Sue's Introductory Energy Codes teachings through the downloadable video recordings of The Energy Codes of Manifesting Introductory Workshop and Energy Codes Level One Seminar.

Video Bundle Includes:

The Energy Codes of Manifesting

(8 Modules / 4.5+ hours of content)
Dr. Sue's Introductory one-day workshop helping you

Discover the Truth of Who You Are.

Free Yourself From:

● Relationships that do not work

A job that doesn’t feel fulfilling

The constant pursuit of trying to fix what is “broken” in your life

Confusion about who you are in the midst of major life changes…

The Energy Codes of Manifesting shows you that...You’re not a survivor. You’re not someone who needs to be healed. It’s time to step into a new paradigm. To awaken to a new dimension of yourself.


It’s time to step into a new paradigm.
To awaken to a new dimension of yourself.

The Energy Codes Level I:
The Quantum Flip

Your Reality Shift in Life and Love
(15 Modules / 10+ hours of content)
Dr. Sue's foundational work of The Energy Codes helping you make a quantum Flip in your perception of what is possible for you!

Learn How To:

● Make distinctions between goal setting and perceiving the purpose of life

Address ego development and dissolution from a quantum perspective.

Embrace fear and befriend doubt.

Reframe the past to empower the future.

● Remove subconscious interference to achievement and manifesting.

● Understand the bioenergetics of the chakra system and how to use it.

Use vibrational medicine to dissolve conflict, stress and the need to “control” life.

Shed light on limiting beliefs, thoughts and emotions that have unconsciously jaded your experience of full potential and creativity.

Shift Your Reality in Life and Love and Begin Living AS the Truth of Who You Are!

Energy Codes Video Bundle 

Save $50 When You Purchase
 The Energy Codes of Manifesting and
The Energy Codes Level One
Digital Video Bundle 

Get the Video Bundle for $248
($50 Savings!)
Offered at this Time Only!

By purchasing the Energy Codes Digital Video Bundle, you will be eligible to proceed with Level II of Dr. Sue’s Energy Codes coursework.

This special discounted offer is only available as a special THANK YOU for ordering The Energy Codes Book!

Take Advantage Today and Begin Your Life-Changing Journey with The Energy Codes.

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