Free Your Mind Challenge - Dr. Sue Morter

DAY 3: Building Circuits To Master Your Mind (12:47 min)
Video content available until June 19 at 11:59PM ET.

DAY 3 Practices:

Catch the Charge and Squeeze it Back. When you are charged or triggered by something or someone, notice where you feel it in your body and “squeeze” or hug it from the inside as you breathe up and down the central channel. 

Central Channel Breath - Breathe from two feet above the head, down through the central channel into the belly and exhale two feet into the Earth. Repeat several times. 

Score your practice - Make a mark each time you practice the exercises above.

DAY 3 Challenge Action:

Post your score and experiences in the DAY 3 thread on Facebook*, and comment on at least three other posts.

(Join FB Group first)

*Not on Facebook? Journal about your experiences – share with one or two friends!

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