Recharge to Take Charge Challenge Day 2 - Dr. Sue Morter

DAY 2: More Than Your Mind (13:45 min)
Video content available until April 29  at 11:59PM ET.

DAY 2 Practices:

DEVELOPING AWARENESS: As you move through today, write down any negative thoughts you may have. At the end of the day, count them up.
REFRAMING AND REDIRECTING OUR MINDS. Rather than pushing these negative thoughts aside, burying them, we are going to reframe them, redirect them. Pick three of the negative thoughts and reframe them, coming from a place of possibility, expansiveness, and adventure.

DAY 2 Challenge Action:

Share your experiences from Day 2 in the Day 2 Thread on Facebook. Next, comment on at least three other community members’ posts.
Support one another and give feedback to others allowing each to serve one another in anchoring a great truth – we are more than our minds.

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Not on Facebook? Journal about your experiences – share with one or two friends!

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