Recharge to Take Charge Challenge – Day 4 - Dr. Sue Morter

DAY 4: Unlocking Peace, Passion and Purpose (18:23 min)
Video content available until April 29 at 11:59PM ET.

DAY 4 Practices:

LIBERATION AND LIVING AS THE SOUL THROUGH BREATH OF FIRE: Using the details in the video and this morning's email, use Breath of Fire four times in the next 24 hours, focusing on the repeated exhale and then sitting for simply one moment. Pay attention to the peace that you feel when the mind isn't overly active and trying to do the doing and trapping us inside of the personality and its old patterns. 

DAY 4 Challenge Action:

Share your experiences from today’s action by commenting with three others in our Facebook Group.
The awareness of the presence of the Soul is the space that connects us all.

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