Join Dr. Sue Morter for an In-Person Immersive Healing Event Like No Other!  
NOURISH and ENLIVEN your system with a four-day infusion of high-vibrational energy to IGNITE the Spirit, ACTIVATE dormant aspects of your being and STEP INTO a thriving, empowered, and fully awakened you.

September 14-17, 2023
Hilton Scottsdale Resort and Villas

Scottsdale, Arizona

$1,695 USD


IGNITE! A Quantum Leap in Healing and Awakening is a new, uniquely designed and highly immersive in-person event created to activate and awaken all aspects of your being so you can step out into life as the vibrant, abundant and fully embodied…YOU!  

With one immersive experience after another - all day long for four days straight - IGNITEwill generate the opportunity for cellular resonance for ascending your vibration while anchoring your reality as a creator!

With one experiential process building on another, you’ll stack up the layers of your essential consciousness, awakening your wholeness.

Learn to stop looking for what’s wrong, and learn to animate what’s right and whole and good about you! When you do, healing will follow - on every level of your life.

Fully Awake. Vibrantly Alive. Healthy, Whole, and Thriving.

If the past few years of planetary transformation has left your body feeling tired, heavy, and lacking that vibrant spark of energy…

  • Your mind feels weighed down with too many racing thoughts and worries…
  • Or you feel you can’t get traction to move your life or that dream in a direction you want to go…
  • If you feel areas of your life are good but that “something” is still missing…

It simply means there are parts of you that have yet to awaken and integrate into your life experience.

With IGNITE!, it’s time to bring ALL OF YOU into the mix!


IGNITE! A Quantum Leap in Healing and Awakening offers a radically different approach to healing and awakening your greatest potential.

Rather than focusing on what feels broken or believing something needs to be “fixed” to become better, at IGNITE! you’ll awaken the True You and receive tangible tools to live from this deep place of wisdom, love, and infinite universal energy within.

When you do, Quantum Healing occurs - where lasting transformations can happen in an instant and with ease in all areas of your life!

  • Vital energy floods your system as you align with the deep soul desires of the Essential Self
  • Worthiness blocks dissolve allowing abundance to flow to you and through you.
  • Inspiration to live your passions and the courage to stand in your truth ignites from within.
  • Success becomes your everyday experience - in relationships, career, and health as you find your own rhythm amongst newly found friends.

You’ll discover all of this - and more - as part of IGNITE! A Quantum Leap in Healing and Awakening with Dr. Sue Morter.

September 14-17, 2023 

During four full days at IGNITE! you will...

Experience an energetic “scrub down” from sun up to sun down, creating the environment for the True You to shine, the healer within to awaken, and “letting go” to happen with greater speed and ease

Receive tangible tools to access your deepest core wisdom to lead - and learn to live - from a place of knowing

Ignite the passion and purpose within you and discover how to express it into the world

Move beyond recognizing, perceiving, and feeling the Soulful Self to knowing how to action it with courage and confidence

Redefine your highest human potential and infinite possibilities and leave with a plan to bring them to life

Relinquish old ideas and ways of being as you get out of “autopilot” and activate new and innovative ideas and ways of being

Move from reacting, responding, and “managing” the world to creating your life circumstances and bringing forth your greatest dreams

Leave with instructions on what to do and how to be when life sends challenges your way

Learn how to make the radical shift from simply overcoming obstacles, to use them to fuel your life and passions - to become more because of them!

As part of IGNITE! you'll get:

  • Four days of highly immersive healing experiences and techniques
  • An infusion of high-vibrational energy and profound teaching
  • Guided meditations and deeply integrative experiences to activate your system
  • Deep Channel Transformational Breathwork to build circuits for sustained success and healing
  • Daily BodyAwake® Yoga sessions for integration and embodiment
  • Exercises and small group breakouts to process and reflect
  • Opportunities for BioEnergetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.) healing sessions to work with biofeedback of your body and clear subconscious patterning keeping you from excelling and thriving (additional fee applies)
  • Evening programs offering collective healings
  • Opening welcome reception to meet and create soulful community and lasting friendships
  • And so much more…

September 14-17, 2023
IGNITE! the True Self and live your best life!
Express it. 
Create it. Develop it. Celebrate it. 


Experience the amplified energies of healing and transformation that occur when individuals gather together in sacred community as you spend four days, in-person, with like-minded and heart-centered souls transmuting, igniting, and embodying the energies of wholeness, possibility, inspiration and love.

The result from this collective energy combines amplified INSPIRATION with profound GROUNDEDNESS, creating a container of sacred space which provides the necessary stability for each individual to reach higher states of consciousness and soulful evolution.

Together we can go higher, because together… we are more!

Registration Information

IGNITE! A Quantum Leap in Healing and Awakening

September 14-17, 2023
Hilton Scottsdale Resort and Villas

Scottsdale, Arizona

$1,695 USD

Early Bird and Regular Event Pricing are for IGNITE! A Quantum Leap in Healing & Awakening 4-day event tuition only. 

  • Hotel and Meals are not included in Early Bird or Event Price. Participants are responsible for hotel booking and meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner).
  • Upon registering for IGNITE!, the Morter Institute Hilton Scottsdale Resort and Villas room rate/ room block details will be provided as part of the registration confirmation, as well as posted in the event Member Area. 

Four Days with Dr. Sue Live!

Dr. Sue Morter is the #1 Los Angeles Times, #1 Amazon and USA Today bestselling author of The Energy Codes: The 7-Step System to Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body and Live Your Best Life. She is the founder and creator of the globally taught coursework, The Energy Codes®, a multi-level body of work on personal and spiritual development. Through The Energy Codes, Dr. Sue provides techniques to activate untapped energy and neurocircuitry in the body that empowers hidden potential, enabling individuals to become their true, essential self.

As an Internationally Recognized Speaker, Master of BioEnergetic Medicine and Quantum Field Visionary, Dr. Sue Morter from Morter Institute bridges science, spirit and human possibility. For over 30 years, she has been teaching health care practitioners, patients and students integrative approaches to wellness, based in quantum science and energy medicine, as she redirects the flow of energy patterns in the body to activate full human potential.

Dr. Sue also created the BodyAwake® RYT 200 Certified Yoga Program and is co-creator of the Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.). She has served on professional licensing boards, providing guidance to healthcare practitioners on integrative approaches to healthcare leadership. Dr. Sue is also adjunct faculty at two medical schools in Michigan State University, an AAU school classified as one of the top 100 universities in the world.

Through her seminars, retreats and presentations, Dr. Sue Morter illuminates the relationships of quantum science and energy medicine, as well as the elevation of human consciousness and life mastery. Dr. Sue draws upon her more than 30 years both as a doctor and as a facilitator of groups and individuals interested in natural healing and a better life; she shares her developments from a perspective drawn from a life-changing awakening during ancient meditation practices some decades ago. Her globally taught Energy Codes coursework teaches individuals how to clear subconscious memory blockages and how to master the energetics of their lives.

Dr. Sue was recently recognized for her outstanding achievements as an honored member of the Transformational Leadership Council and is founder of Morter Institute for BioEnergetics, an organization committed to teaching individuals self-healing techniques and a new approach to life based on Quantum Science. She has been featured in four full-length, documentary films.

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