IRH-challenge-day-2 - Dr. Sue Morter

DAY 2: Finding the Vibrational Key – Unlocking the Power to Heal (18:13 min)

DAY 2 Practices:

1. EXPAND & ANCHOR USING SPHERICAL BREATHING: Breathe light into the core of your body, breathing up and down the central channel of your body, as you concentrate the energy in your core.

  • Squeeze your shoulder blades and drop them down. 
  • Squeeze the muscles in the base of your pelvic bowl (called “Mula Bandha”) to tether and anchor the energies of the biofield moving through your system.
  • Take a deep breath into the belly. 
  • Breathe into the upper lobes of lungs. Inhale bigger than your body - just imagine that you are bigger than your body (because you are) then exhale in every direction.

With every exhale, breathe out beyond your body, and with every inhale breathe into your core. Continue expanding your breath further with every exhale - into the room, then your country, then around the globe. Each time, bring the breath back into your core on the inhale. Notice how far you feel the breath can go when you have expanded your energy and consciousness out into the Universal Field, and anchored it into the core.

2. CONNECT WITH THE UNIVERSAL PULSATION: Close your eyes and “subtle” down until you can sense the Universal Pulsation – a sensation of subtle expanding and anchoring, much like the rhythm of a heartbeat. Connect with it and love into it. What is happening in your body right now? Can you allow your body to feel the way it needs to feel on the inside in order to remain connected to this subtle pulsation?

3. EXPANDING TO THE GLOBAL PULSATION: Building upon yesterday’s practice, continue to spend time in nature animating the space in between you and other objects or people. Increase the territory beyond your physical confines as you allow the entire global family to be that which is pulsating together. Feel and connect with this pulse even greater than the Earth, far beyond the pulsation of your physical body. Feel yourself as the Universal cosmic presence that you are.

DAY 2 Challenge Action:

  • Connect with the Universal Pulse multiple times throughout your day. Share your experiences connecting with the Universal Pulsation and comment on at least 3 other community members’ posts. Allow the energy to move as you support and allow yourself to be supported by this amazing and loving community!
  • Use Spherical Breathing for five minutes today.  You can split it up throughout the day, it doesn't have to be five minutes at one time. Consciously connect with the thousands in this Challenge breathing in the same way today.
  • Mark your calendars for Thursday’s Global Healing Celebration to come together in the vibration of community and love to emanate and infuse light and healing frequencies into humanity. Monday November 7, 2022 at 5pm PT/ 8pm ET.

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