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DAY 3: Collapsing the Idea of “Distance”: Activating the Power of Love (21:22 min)

DAY 3 Practices:

1. TRANSCENDING SPACE AND TIME: From the Day 1 Practice, in your mind’s eye, “see” how you perceive connecting with another person or place located in another country. Thinking of someone or some place in another country, allocate yourself and your consciousness to that location, tapping into the frequency of love with how you feel about them. By doing this, you are transcending space and time as you are both “there” with your consciousness and “here” in the location in which you currently reside. Know that you can connect “there” anytime. Practice cultivating a version of you that you know to be more expanded than you were just a few days ago. As you continue to do this, this aspect of transcending space and time will continue to refine.

2. STOP MISSING PEOPLE, START CELEBRATING THEM: When you find yourself thinking in terms of “missing” someone or something, recognize that in moment that you are not utilizing your full sensory capacity the way it is designed to be used. See these moments as an invitation to bring that feeling of love and connection up and out so that you can reveal a part of you that never has to miss that particular person or place. Know that you can activate this vibration of love and connection within you at any moment.

3. DIALING INTO THE FREQUENCY OF EXCELLENCE: Dial into the vibrational frequency of being really excellent at something. Think of something you excel at, something you know you know or that you truly love to do. As you’re thinking of that, notice how you feel in your body. Recognize this vibrational signature for your pristine perfection and know that it’s a refinement in your energy system. Tune into that vibrational frequency and recognize that others around the world have similar vibrations of “expertise” and “wholeness.” Allow the sensation inside of you to grow by concentrating it into the core of your body. The more you concentrate at your core, the more you’ll feel your energy center expand and emanate off the surface of your being, connecting to the shared frequency around the world.

4. CONNECT WITH THE GRID THAT’S BEEN BUILDING THIS WEEK: Connect to the global grid or matrix that has been building and strengthening this week. Allow your heart to feel celebratory, knowing that now is the moment you get to be and reveal all of the things you’ve secretly imagined, all the healing you have wished for the world and all of the oneness your heart knows is possible. Connect with that grid, take that feeling and concentrate it into the core, and breathe it into the body.

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DAY 3 Challenge Action:

  • Share your experiences and support one another for the next several days to continue to build and infuse into the matrix that’s been building this week. Give feedback to others allowing each other to serve one another in the anchoring and cultivation of the greatest truth that we will ever know – that we are more than human. We are spiritual beings “being” human! 

  • And Don’t Forget to Mark your calendars for our Remote Healing Challenge – Global Healing Celebration. We’ll join together as a community during this special event honoring and celebrating the potent energies cultivated during our 3-day Challenge, and collectively infuse them into the global matrix to which we all belong. During this Free 90-minute event, there will be an infusion of healing vibrations as well as an honoring and teaching of how to use the energies awakened this week during our Remote Healing Challenge. Dr. Sue will be taking your questions LIVE, and she will announce the Grand Prize winner during the event -  who will enjoy these prizes:

  • Two 30-minute private Zoom personal sessions with Dr. Sue
  • A Goodie Box of signed books and other surprises!

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