Reflections & Assignment

  • Question I-1
    Was there anything in what Dr. Sue shared about her own personal journey that resonated with you or possibly confused your mind?
  • Question I-2
    What about your own personal “story” and life events that have led up to you registering for the BodyAwake® yoga training?
  • Question I-3
    List your top 3-5 reasons for taking this course.
  • Question I-4
    Identify what you would like to see shift/transform within yourself (mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually) while taking the BodyAwake® coursework.
  • Question I-5
    Describe your background related to yoga, as well as your current practice. (Where, how many times a week, styles of yoga, teachers/mentors, injuries, etc.).
  • Question I-6
    Compose any questions that may have arisen within you after viewing this introductory module (either for yourself or to be addressed to Dr. Sue).
  • Question I-7

    Take a photo of yourself or have someone else take a photo of you as you begin this program. Print it up, attach it to your notebook or manual

    Write about who you see in this image—both internally and externally.

    Ask and answer the question: Who am I?

  • Question I-8
    Describe the 3 Stages in Model of Awakening found in Chapter 1 of the The Energy Codes®
  • Question I-9
    What is meant by The Quantum Flip®?
  • Question I-10
    Per the book, what is the definition of The Energy Codes®?
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