We provide two versions of the workbook for you – both high- and low-resolution. Download your workbook to your computer or device and follow along online or print it if you’d like to use it to take notes.

We recommend the following when printing your workbook

  • Print your workbook in COLOR as Dr. Sue will reference the “colors” of the chakras when teaching.
  • If using a home printer, print using the low-resolution version.
  •  If you have trouble printing the entire workbook, print each page individually.
  • If your home printer will not print the pages individually, please take the high-resolution version to a local print shop to have it printed.

Two versions of the workbook are provided. Click on a title below to access and download the version that best works for you.

High-Resolution Version [to print at a local print shop or view online]

download now

Low-Resolution Version [to print on a home printer]

download now

Print Release Letter [to print at print shop]

Please provide this letter to your local printer to confirm permission to print a copy of this course workbook.

download now
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