Ready to Reveal More of “You” with BodyAwake® Yoga?

Morter Institute and the BodyAwake School of Yoga offer additional avenues to deepen your journey and experience of embodiment with BodyAwake Yoga, Courses, Certifications, and more. Learn more about the opportunities available to you below.

BodyAwake Yoga Membership

Discover the life-changing benefits of cultivating a consistent practice with the BodyAwake Yoga Membership! With a collection of more than 120 streaming on-demand classes (with two new classes added each month!), dive into this sacred practice to radically transform body, mind, and spirit both on and off the mat!

BodyAwake Yoga Intensive Online Course

Amplify your practice and the effects of BodyAwake Yoga as you dive deeper into the proper alignment, energetic flow, and breathwork pattern of each asana. Enhance your time on the mat, deepen your journey of embodiment, and create the necessary pathways to reveal the true, authentic Self within.

BodyAwake School of Yoga
Personal Growth / Teacher Certification

Experience the full spectrum of what BodyAwake Yoga has to offer as you explore ancient eastern practices mixed with cutting edge quantum science, giving you a profound understanding of who you are and limitless human potential.

The BodyAwake School of Yoga offers an 8-Module Personal Growth and Self-Study path, or 12-Module Teacher Certification for those who want to take this sacred work out into the world to share with others. 

If you have questions or would like assistance determining which path is the best fit for you, please feel free to contact us by emailing [email protected] or calling 855-872-8700.

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