Have you tried to meditate to calm the mind and instead, felt even more frustrated as thoughts whirled round and round…the desired stillness not even a glimmer on the distant horizon?

Maybe you’ve never meditated or even desired to meditate, but are interested in the idea of stilling the mind because it’s the thinking mind that causes pain.  

When we are not identified as the thinking mind, we experience less pain. I am committed to providing sacred space for everyone to discover the distinctions between their true Essential Self and the false self, the thinking mind, that often runs our lives. 

When we get caught in life’s circumstances and it feels challenging to access that subtle frequency, that still, sacred space, the question often arises, “How do I get not identified as the mind?”

Whether through guided meditations, The Energy Codes® coursework, or BodyAwake® Yoga, when we dial into and experience the subtle frequency in and around our physical body, the thickness of the space around us becomes palpable. This is sacred space. It’s the more of who you are.

Sometimes when we try to meditate, the thinking mind operates like a ceiling fan with the knob turned to high speed going round and round. And we are “stuck” on one side of the whirling blades. Similar to the ceiling fan, to move beyond the whirling blades of the mind, we need to slow the mind down so that we can expand. 

When the mind and body get in tandem, we can consciously experience a more expanded version of who we are. The rapidly moving mind keeps us contained in a limited sense of self because we can’t access our wholeness when we are identified as the mind.

Even if we still the mind, the whirling often returns as we shift into motion again. 

Finding stillness in motion

What we really want is to find stillness in motion. At one send of a spectrum is the story writing mind. This is the afraid, the freaked-out mind—the one that’s not grounded. At the other end is absolute meditative stillness. 

What we want to do is learn how to operate in the in-between so that we can engage in life but we’re not controlled by the constantly whirling, mind. So how do we do that? 

We bring the attention to the body because the body operates at an alpha frequency, and the mind, when it’s untethered from the body, goes into higher frequencies. By bringing your mind’s attention onto the body, you meet in the middle which creates a wave that you can ride. 

When anchored in the core, you can ride the wave even when emotions rises and wisdom dissipates. The more deeply you breathe in the body, the more wisdom is available and the more creative solutions you come up with. 

You always have two options

As we become masterful at staying present, even during intense emotional circumstances, we can stay in the place where solutions are found. We become masterful by breathing lower and slower in the body rather than jumping into the fray to find a solution. 

When the thinking mind jumps into the fray and writes a story, we get attached to the story and believe we have no choice, and this causes pain.

As you breathe lower in the belly and slow the mind, you start to recognize, actually there are two options in every moment

Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati used to speak about our head being the two heads of a wolf. One is compassionate, fiercely protective, and guides us to safety. The other one is judging, fierce, and often defensive. One option leads us to compassionate understanding. The other gets us into battle. When she shared this, one of her students would ask, “Which one is going to survive?” She would say, “Whichever one you feed.” 

That we’re always at choice based on which intention we feed is a valuable knowing to deeply anchor in our consciousness. A part of you knows you have a choice, but do you remember that in the moment when the rubber hits the road? Or do you only perceive, “I’m freaked out.” 

To approach each moment from the perspective of, “I have choices,” is a key to let go of pain and step into empowered freedom.

The monkey mind as servant to your wholeness

While we consciously desire to choose stillness, sometimes we land in the reactive monkey mind. If the monkey mind is whirling away at high speed and you can’t easily turn the knob to stillness, it’s happening for a reason.

As the mind rehashes all these things, it is simply trying to recalculate circumstances. If you come down into the body and breathe, it will allow the monkey mind to serve, because everything is in support of consciousness evolving. 

In my opinion, it is a misinterpretation that the monkey mind is a bad thing

Instead, we have to remember that the monkey mind comes from the Monkey God, Hanuman, who is the Lord of Service. Your monkey mind is trying to be of service to the big picture

As we know from The Energy Codes® principles, everything is in our favor. So it serves you that the monkey mind is active. It’s a good thing because it’s trying to build new circuits. As you allow the thoughts that occur over and over while you try to meditate, you’re trying to come up with solutions—to rewrite the story. 

Instead of resisting, recognize that every single one of those things happening or those thoughts arising, are areas of life where you’re trying to ignite more circuitry, or they wouldn’t keep occurring

If there’s a reoccurring thought that you can’t let go of, don’t try to hack it off and shove it away because that’s not how the universe works. It’s going to come right back. If you think you’re supposed to try to hack it off and throw it away, you’ll do that again and again, but the thought will simply return. It has to because it’s here in service to you so that you recognize where you need to ignite circuits. 

Have you signed the universe on your team?

The invitation is to embrace, thank, and work with the thought so that the universe is on your side. This happens because you got on to the side of the universe. You joined a team that is much bigger than the individual separate self. I highly recommend that you sign that team up.

So when you’re trying to meditate, but a thought persists, instead of saying, “Not now, go away,” say “Okay, come here.” 

You don’t have to think about it or process it, simply pull it into your heart. If you put it into your heart, the very energetic frequency of the heart space is going to settle and stretch the thought open so that you suddenly see, “Here’s what I need to do.” 

When it’s all jumbled up so that you can’t see what’s in there, it becomes nearly impossible for you to benefit from this runaway monkey mind. 

When you’re identified as the mind, you feel like you have only one choice. As You identify as the Essential Self that has a mind, if the monkey mind is doing its thing, you can thank it.

If you take the thoughts and ideas one at a time and run them through your filtering system, they actually turn into powerful cues for you to build circuitry. This builds a robust energy channel so that you can pierce up the primitive brain and land in the high brain centers that are where Creator lives. That’s your destiny and the mind is trying to help you get there

Embrace all of the team players

So the fact that we’re trying to stop the runaway mind rather than embrace it, is part of the problem. Most people want a better strategy to stop or ignore the runaway mind, or send it to the background, so they can focus on something better

You will not be able to focus on the wholeness of your being, know it, live it, or bring it to life as long as you are trying to exorcise some part of you.

Rather operate as if life is in support of you and every one of your faculties, even the monkey mind, are a part of your wholeness. Then we can utilize those very things we used to try to get rid of because they are now on our team. When you’re on the same team, you can turn those previously “unwanted things” into assets.

So when the mind is running away, don’t beat it up. Simply ask it to slow down enough so that you can hear it. Imagine the mind is like a four year old who runs in shouting, “Mama, mama…this and this and this all happened.” She’d say, “Slow down a second. Tell me one thing at a time so that I can hear and understand.”

The exact same thing has to happen when we’re in a stressful moment because so much is going through our mind. Bring your attention to the body, not with the intention to stop the mind, but because the body gives it a landing pad. Honor the mind and let it know that it’s not alone so that it starts dropping in to brilliance, to creativity, to healing, and wholeness. 

Simply be present. You don’t have to solve the problem in that moment. That’s not meditation. That’s problem solving. Simply being present with the mind and its thoughts changes the vibration and the thoughts start to serve. 

If you are meditating and not anchored in the physical body, but “out there” in the subtle body, it’s similar to the unanchored monkey mind. You want to come into the central channel. Don’t force it, simply become aware of the channel, while you’re in the expanded state so that you start to take this vastness and bring it toward a stream, a ray of light, which is the “more” of who you are. 

It’s a yes, and…

It’s not about an either/or. It’s a yes, and…. In meditation and in “doing” life, we want to be aware of the central channel at the same time we’re present with the monkey mind or the vastness of the cosmos. 

If you’re walking around in your life dialed into this physical frequency and the “doing,” every once in a while, remember the most expanded state you’ve ever had. Could be as simple as a feeling of connectivity or a blissful moment you’ve experienced. 

Also, while in an expanded state, be there, as you remember the “doing”—your job, your relationship, your kids. Remember that you have a physical body, it can be as simple as that. 

By remembering the other end of the specturm from the one your in, you start to bridge these two points of reference. You collect and connect essence with structure or function. You allow presence and physicality—spirit and body, both. As we are consciously aware of both ends, we bridge the worlds in a magnificent way which is what we’re here to do. Life becomes magical. 

If you’ve been in The Energy Codes coursework for awhile, I invite you to join me for the magic of The Deep Dive online retreat. We’ll spend time together cultivating sacred space and dropping into stillness so that no matter what speed the thinking mind is dialed to, you’ll be solidly anchored in the core of your body. If you’re new to The Energy Codes coursework, I welcome you. There are many ways to plugin and join us on this amazing journey.

cat at steering wheel—embody to drive your life

When we live life by looking for and finding “problems” to fix, this only makes us better at problem-solving.

Yet that is often how we experience life. Moving from one “problem” to another because as we “land” here on earth, we experience what I refer to as a “splat.”

The body goes one way, the mind goes another, the breath yet another way, and the spirit “hangs out” trying to figure out what’s what wondering, “How do I land here fully and live this life?”

This leaves us needing problems to fix in order to know who we are.

We operate from within that dispersed, problem-solving state as if this is how life is supposed to happen. You think, this is real and make do despite the sense of, something’s missing. Slowly, during the course of life you begin to pull yourself back together and start to feel more collected and connected. 

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Our magnificence, light, streaming though density, rock into life

Celebration is our natural state, yet sometimes we forget or that knowingness gets buried in the day-to-day of what we call “life.”

Perhaps it doesn’t need to be that way, because when you show up on a yoga mat (or in a chair), you are showing up for life in a celebratory way.

Humor me a moment before you run away at the mention of the word yoga. Whether you’ve never set foot on a yoga mat, have limited mobility, or have been doing yoga for decades, almost everyone, including you, can practice BodyAwake® Yoga.

Yes, it is a yoga practice, but it’s not simply moving the body into positions (asana or poses). It’s about the invisible. It’s about…

  • Intention and where you focus it 
  • Breath and sensing the invisible energy that is You  
  • Expanding by consciously meeting the contracted places 
  • Training the mind to serve the heart 
  • Anchoring the Soulful Self in the core of the body 

Which is what “life” here on Earth is about. It’s about finding and fully revealing the True Self, here.

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