By Dr. Sue Morter

Do you ever feel insecure or unsure of yourself? Have you ever hesitated to share in a discussion even though you knew the answer? Have you lacked confidence in moments when you knew you could make a difference in the lives of people around you, yet you remain silent? You feel like you know you could say something that would turn someone’s life around, and yet it doesn’t come out of your mouth?

If that is happening with you, there’s a reason.

In these moments of hesitation or withholding, your energy is dispersed out of your deep, core wisdom, and instead, you are most-likely in your head and over-thinking things. Overthinking pulls you out of your core power and strength, and can result in feeling insecure, insufficient, and create a tendency to compare yourself to everything around you.


Dispersed Energy

When we arrive here, we splat and our energies disperse in many directions.  In that moment, our mind goes one way, our breath and body go another, and our spirit is left just hanging out trying to figure out, “Is this world a place I want to be? Do I belong?” This can leave us feeling crazy at times, with thoughts such as, “I don’t know what I’m even doing on this planet. I don’t belong here, and nothing feels right or safe.” The reason for these thoughts and feelings is because of this dispersal of energy.

When we disperse, we lose our power and start looking everywhere “out there” to find a way of ensuring we’re safe and to make sure everything’s okay. We begin constantly, and hyper-vigilantly, looking externally for validation, which causes us to feel insecure and unsure of ourselves as we are.

This fractured, insecure version of you is not the real you. The True You resides deep in your core and is stronger than you think you are. In fact, it’s stronger than you can think you are.


Finding the Wisdom in Your Core

When you live in your head, you drop out of your core causing your power to drop away. We must learn to remain grounded and integrated, deep in our hearts and bellies, so we can have access to our wisdom all the time, without question.

Learning to access our core wisdom – something so basic to our foundational being – is our greatest tool.

Our heart and core is our greatest power, and when connected, it reveals our truth, our authenticity, and allows us to walk straight through a situation without a quiver, without a wobble, and most importantly, in state of loving grace.


We Are Powerful Creators

When we want to find our own strength, it’s helpful for the thinking mind to recognize that science is delivering much evidence revealing how powerful we are. Quantum science tells us we create our reality and that whatever we’re looking for, is exactly what we find.

In scientific experiments, when a vacuum is created, the photons within have been shown to rearrange in accordance with the thoughts we’re thinking. Even when we walk away from the experiment and come back hours later, the photons within will remain exactly as we left them with our last directed thought. The photon is the tiniest particle in the whole of physical reality, meaning our thoughts, our impressions, our vibrational frequency that we’re emitting and emanating, is having an influence on the arrangement of our physical reality out there.

This means the thoughts we think have an influence on our physical world.

Because science is concluding that we are made of pure creative essence, we must learn to recognize that we are the creator of our entire experience and that we are the strength the mind is seeking. We must learn to tame the mind and empower ourselves by pulling ourselves back together again from the dispersed energy so that we can feel our authenticity. When we can feel what our heart of hearts is really wanting to share, we have the strength to speak it into the world.

When we know we are coming from an intentionality that is good, giving, and kind, and that we want to authentically connect with others and share the possibility of a beautiful life together, our truth will easily come through our words and actions, and be able to roll out into the world in a fashion that manifests the experience we’re truly looking for.


How to Come Back to the Core

When you want to either find your strength or feel your strength again, you must first call yourself back home again by breathing up and down the Central Channel of the body and low into your belly, dropping down into the core of who you are.

A great exercise I use for this is one I teach people in my coursework, The Energy Codes®, and is called, “Subject-Object-Subject.” To do Subject-Object-Subject:

FIRST: Subject

  • Put all of your attention onto subject, into the core of your being, your heart and into your belly.
  • Take a deep breath into your belly and then drop that exhale down into the earth.
  • Take an inhale up from the earth, back into the belly, inflating your chest after you inhale into the belly. Repeat belly then chest, and let it feel good. Then exhale out the top of your head.

When you do this, from the world of quantum science and energy medicine, you are establishing the channel of energy that is at your very foundational makeup. When you do that, your subconscious begins to pick up on the fact that not only am I safe, I’m actually quite strong, I’m quite empowered.

SECOND: Object

  • Next, take all that energy you’ve just collected and focus it on an object outside of you such as a person or coffee cup on your desk. Throw it onto something in the room to just disperse it or give it away.
  • Notice how it feels to give your power away. Imagine what it feels like when somebody walks in the room and you’re afraid of what they’re going to say, or you’re not really sure how things are between you? All of a sudden, you start to feel this dis-ease or unease. As you do, notice how it feels in your system. It doesn’t feel the same because it’s not the truth of who you are.

THIRD: Return to Subject

  • Next, pull your energy back away from the external person or object and back home again onto subject. Allow you to feel you again.

If you can walk around in life with this constant awareness, a felt sense of self, you will begin to experience yourself as strong, instead of wondering, even consciously or even subconsciously, how strong or powerful you actually are, or constantly looking to the exterior world to give you some sign.

You don’t need the sign. You are the sign.

All you have to do is be the sign, meaning be the impetus that is the creative force in the world. Bring forward what you want to find, what you want to experience, and know that you’re here to bring what you know is possible. You are the creator in your environment.


Your Creatorship is Your Power

When you begin living as the creator of your reality, you no longer feel something is missing because the fact is, there isn’t anything missing other than what you can come up with to bring into the world.

You came here to bring your own creative resource. Your own personal power is not just personal; it’s a cosmic power flowing through you. The power of nature itself is pouring through your field of energy flowing through your body.

You are a powerful stream of energy that is constantly replenishing itself and constantly revealing itself in new ways. All we have to do is train the mind to be able to perceive that.  Then the mind becomes much more productive, rather than constantly questioning you or causing you to feel like you don’t belong which then causes the illusion of a separate self or personality self just trying to survive on this planet.

There is so much more in store for you. You are much stronger than you think. You’re stronger than you can think, until you train the mind how to steward this amazing creative essence that you truly are.

And so, once we learn how to tap deep into this core wisdom and call ourselves back into this instead of getting all up into our heads in life, we begin to feel and experience our authentic self. We begin to experience ourselves as the deep, strong individual that is wise and that is certain and that is clear and that we know deep inside we are meant to be.



By Dr. Sue Morter

Have you ever struggled to make a decision, your mind spinning constantly as it vacillates between options yet can never find a solution?  This confusion or lack of true knowing comes from the mind, or what I like to call the “Personality Self.”

On the other hand, have you ever had a “gut” feeling about a situation in your life? In a particular moment, you simply “knew” what to do without knowing why or how you knew it? This “knowing” is the wisdom that comes from the True you, or your Soulful Self.

Both the Soulful Self and the Protective Self exist, yet only one contains the truth of who we are and what we’re meant to do in our life. Our task is to learn to live from the Soulful Self, and have constant access to that deep wisdom within guiding our lives in the direction we’re meant to go. To do this, we have to start listening to the messages of our body.

Our Soulful Self speaks to us through our body and to learn how to hear the messages it sends, our mind, or Protective Self, needs to learn how to trust the body because the body doesn’t lie. It is constantly revealing truths to us, yet the mind can’t perceive these messages because it’s so distracted keeping itself busy with questions of what we should do next.

The minute we can bring the mind’s attention onto the body, the mind can begin to filter information more accurately. Once we do, we have access to deep wisdom and we begin to cultivate the power to do something about what we know to be true.

How the Body Speaks to the Mind

Have you ever felt a knot in the pit of your stomach? Maybe you assumed it was indigestion, or that the burning in your belly had something to do with you needing to take some kind of antacid to cover up the discomfort that you’re feeling.

When there’s a knot in your stomach, there’s a reason for it. It’s not something to cover up or to try to push away or to try to get away from. Rather, it is an attempt of energy trying to rise all the way up to your consciousness that allows you to know that what you’re doing is working for you or is not working for you.

This feeling allows you to know the contract you’re about to sign is the right thing to do or not. It allows you to know if you should accept the invitation or you should decline in grace. It allows you to know that yes in fact, you do need to speak in to what you’re feeling and not let it go untapped. That wisdom rising is a deep truth and that deep truth will set you free.

Energetic Blocks Create the Knot

The reason you feel a knot in your stomach is because there isn’t enough circuitry, or energetic connectivity in your system in place for that energy or truth to rise up and make it all the way to your awareness. Instead, it hits upon a wall in your gut and the energy starts to build. That building of the wall is what we perceive as the knot in the stomach.

The lack of circuitry which creates the knot may be something that started many years ago perhaps as early as three years old. Something as old as that can start a pattern in your life and keeps you not accessing this deep truth.

For example, imagine you’re three years old, exploring your independence and you want to run across the street to play with the kids and the bright, shiny objects. You step into the street to get over to them, and suddenly your mom screams from the front porch and you get in trouble for accessing your independence for exploring your own individual personhood. In that moment, something gets registered in the subconscious level that says every time you start to step into your own personhood, your own individuality, you’re likely to get in trouble.

This information is recorded at the subconscious level and so from then on, every time you begin to step into such things, you abort the mission. You step aside or shut down, because subconsciously you don’t want to get in trouble again.

It’s hard to believe that 30 years later something like that can be having such an impact in our lives. However, if we never built the circuitry for it to be safe, then the subconscious whose job it is to keep us safe will automatically assume uncharted territory and stay behind so the circuits never get built to move that deep desire all the way up there. We end up with a knot in our stomach because energy is blocked there and it is no longer flowing.

How to Dissolve the Knot

To dissolve the knot, we must learn to let that energy flow again. We have to bring our attention to the knot and squeeze it back and let it know that contact has been made and that the mind is finally paying attention to the deep wisdom the body is attempting to reveal. When the mind and the knotted area come together, squeeze that place and take a breath up through the central channel of your body. In that moment, what begins to happen is the energy begins to break free that was once knotted up.

As you do, bring your attention to your core, this time saying, “I’m having it all and this time, I’m not going to sidestep my personal power. This time I’m going to let the adventure of life run through me instead of bypass me. This time I’m going to allow myself to be free.”

This is the focus of the mind while you’re doing this breath up and down through the central channel and what happens is, the energy begins to build a circuitry. The nervous system begins to support what the energy is doing.

By doing this, you begin to build the circuits that never got built, even 30 years ago. As we build that circuitry, our deep wisdom, our deep power, starts to rise. With it comes all the fears and concerns and hesitations we’ve built up for those 30 years and they too are just set free.

This is what we do with The Energy Codes coursework I teach at the Morter Institute and it is why people are changing their lives all the time, everyday. Simply by leaning in to the very parts of their own system instead of trying to push them away or take something such as a medicine to cover up a signal that the deep wisdom is trying to reveal to the mind. As they do this, they begin to live from the Soulful Self rather than letting the mind, and the Protective Self rule their life. When the Soulful Self is leading the way, we begin to live our lives guided by our Truth and deepest wisdom.



By Dr. Sue Morter

We are born whole, free and absolutely perfect. Yet oftentimes, during the course of our lives, we get shut down in that natural process.

Imagine when you were a toddler, expressing yourself with creativity and love while doing what comes naturally through curiosity and exploration, such as singing loudly or shrieking in pure joy. Then, because you happened to be in a place where behavior such as this is deemed inappropriate (such as a church service or public location), a parent or adult steps in and scolds you. Confused by this reaction, you begin to learn that being your authentic self will get you in trouble and so you begin to shut down that part of yourself. You shove that joyful part of yourself to the side, questioning:

“If I’m not supposed to be who I am naturally and authentically, then who am I supposed to be being? Who am I supposed to be, if I’m not supposed to be me?”

It’s in these moments of early childhood that we learn to compartmentalize our authentic self, shoving it away or hiding who we truly are. We then begin to build a subconscious, false identity in the hidden or fractured parts of our true being.
Feeling our natural, authentic part of ourself that isn’t wanted or accepted, results in a feeling of shame which can bring traits such as defensiveness, procrastination, distraction, and denial. When we feel ashamed, we believe there is something inherently wrong with us so we begin to hide. We become afraid to step forward and instead, seek to protect this fractured part of ourselves that was rejected by someone else.

This guilt and shame happens to many of us from an early age and can build up over time affecting our whole lives. In fact, according to Dr. Winch, Author of the book, Emotional First Aid: Healing Rejection, Guilt, Failure, and other Everyday Hurts, “unresolved and excessive guilt interferes with cognitive functioning, concentration, and daily tasks.”

So what do we do to deal with this early pattern of guilt and shame, and how do we prevent causing this type of feeling in our children as they navigate their way through society?

How to Stop the Cycle of Guilt & Shame
We must be mindful when we’re raising our own children, so as not to pass down the same way of being that perhaps we were raised with, simply because our parents didn’t know to make these distinctions. One of the ways that we can help our children not internalize feelings of guilt is to continue to guide them and steer them, yet be mindful to always separate any “negative” action from the identity of the child.

When an action occurs that needs correcting, first reassure the child they are perfect, whole and loving, and that you appreciate and understand why they are so curious. Then, continue by explaining why that particular action is not safe to do rather than simply yelling, “Don’t do that. It’s going to hurt you!”

Yelling in this way creates an imprint where the child doesn’t separate the action they’re performing, with the identity of who they actually are. When we’re mindful and can separate the action from the identity of the child, they won’t grow up with an inherent idea there is some part of themselves to be ashamed of and try to hide it from whoever might be looking.

When we are operating from a place of hiding, we operate from only a part of our “whole” self, and when we do that, we don’t show up in life the way that we could. We don’t show up full-heartedly because it’s intimidating and we’re afraid of getting hurt again. This fractured feeling affects the way we are in our relationships and to compensate, we tend to either over-give, or remove ourselves from the circumstances that would leave us feeling vulnerable.

This only increases our sense of guilt because we’re not delivering in life to our full capacity, and we know it, which creates this guilt and shame combination of a confluence of energies that are dictating our expression in life and limiting our personal experience of fulfillment, love, and happiness.

Other Reasons we Would Have Guilt & Shame
Not all guilt and shame comes from feelings we had as a child. There are many other forms of the impetus of shame or guilt in our culture. Let’s take body shame for example.

As a society, we are incredibly externally oriented with ideas of body image and what we should look like as people in our culture. If someone is shaped differently than how Hollywood portrays we should look, it automatically starts to establish this: “I am lesser than,” or, “I am not that.” Shame starts to come into the picture as a vibrational frequency within the system, again, causing us to withhold our authentic self and separating ourselves from society.

All of these ideas of unworthiness come because we’re externally orienting our focus; we’re measuring something to the outside world. The irony of this is the outside world is actually a reflection of our own full acceptance and our own consciousness.
If we don’t accept ourselves, we tend to find ourselves in all kinds of circumstances that are not accepting of us. By constantly surrounding ourselves with people who are judgmental or perhaps even interpreting their actions as judgmental, we see these situations as a validation to the illusion that we’re “not enough” or that we are something to be ashamed of and feel guilty about.

Patterns of Guilt
Sometimes individuals who engage in acts they know they shouldn’t be doing – lying, stealing, trying to act better than who they think they are – will further impact these layers of guilt and shame cultivating inside this energy system. To try to outrun that particular vibrational frequency in their system, they tend to do those things even more, or they get better at doing them so they don’t get caught or don’t get seen, never realizing it is the guilt they are trying to hide from.

The interesting thing about guilt and shame is that people who are caught in those patterns, it is easy to brush those feelings aside and the individual remains unaware they’re plagued with such conditions.

This is actually one of the greatest causes of dysfunction in life, relationships and even with someone’s health, because it elicits a defense response in the body that constantly has them trying to outrun or outsmart the fear that they’re feeling because of guilt and shame.

Living this way, we constantly live with a fear that someone’s going to discover the truth of who we are, because we can’t believe the truth of who we are is actually based in goodness.

The truth is, underneath every layer that we have piled on top that is causing so much pain, there is a flowing, generous, full, abundant, whole, and healthy being. We just have to learn how to get to that version of ourselves so that we can begin to heal ways of being and begin to sense and feel a real sense of self that we’ve never had since we started pocketing portions of ourselves from an early age.

If there is dysfunction in these ways, the invitation is to sit back and come close to yourself in a quiet moment (perhaps when you’re falling asleep at night), and start to breathe into your heart. Breathe slowly up and down the central channel of your body and ask yourself, “Is there anywhere in the body that starts to become activated or aggravated when I even entertain the idea that I could be harboring shame? That I could be really outrunning a sense of guilt that I’m carrying?” Lying in bed, intimately and sincerely and privately ask the question within the sanctum of your own skin.

When you begin to allow that feeling of vulnerability to be felt in the mind and body as you breathe up and down your body, there may be an area that jumps out – a lump in your throat, a knot in your chest or stomach, or tightness across your heart space. In those moments, the body is trying to reveal to the mind something’s not quite flowing here in the smooth and fluid way it’s intended to. Something’s being hidden. Something’s short circuited. Something’s being blocked. These areas are almost always revealing those fractured parts of your Self you hid away from childhood when you believed you were bad, or not “good enough,” and so you continue to hide to this day.

Squeeze the area that gets your attention. Let it know that your loving, tender presence has come into contact with a part of you and is ready to let it out of hiding and into a more mature expression, safely, conscientiously, intimately and gradually. Ultimately, you will begin to have a greater sense of Self. You’ll find yourself being able to speak in situations you used to be too afraid to do so and allow your true authentic self to shine.