Chemistry Code - Dr. Sue Morter

The Chemistry Code

The Chemistry Code Chakra Correlation: Third Eye Chakra

Visionary Breath - Inner Vision Breath

Saliva pH Testing

Conscious Exercise

Consult your physician before starting this or any exercise program.

Energy Codes Brain Yoga

Yoga Poses for Greater Integration

Downward Dog 

Downward Dog - Modification


Child's Pose

Child's Pose - Modification

Exalted Warrior

Exalted Warrior - Modification

Balancing Poses

Balancing Poses - Modification


Eagle - Modification

Eagle - Modification


 HalfMoon - Modification

 Standing Knee Hug

 Standing Knee Hug - Modification

Standing Knee Hug - Modification

 Warrior III

 Warrior III - Modification

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